Every project deserves its own approach

Our approach

Browema's multifunctional work vessels and pontoons offer endless possibilities to support your construction or maintenance project. In order to come to the best solution, Browema likes to think along at the earliest possible stage of a project.

Thanks to our maritime expertise, we have extensive knowledge of everything that is important on the water, such as clearance heights, draught, tides and the interaction with other shipping traffic. This can be of great importance in the tendering phase, where we work with integrity.

No project is the same and requires its own approach. We can advise on the most suitable equipment for the activities. If required, we can have things calculated by external engineers, but we are also happy to work with your in-house engineering department. In this way, we can optimally deploy our vessels for your project.

Logistics, transport and security

First of all, we make land projects accessible from the water by positioning our landing craft, crane ship or pontoons with scaffolding material or cranes on them. In addition, our support equipment enables us to make an extra contribution to a project. For example, we can ferry equipment, perform crane work in difficult-to-reach places or provide shipping signs. In this way, Browema has been able to support many prominent projects in the field of logistics, transport and security.

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Browema's traffic signs including batteries and solar panels were used in the project in Schipluiden; the painting of the tram bridge.
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Road signs Lek

Our traffic signs were used during work on the Lek River, where GSB carried out maintenance on various engineering structures.
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HCM Cement

The crane barge provided additional space and room for the aerial platform to carry out maintenance on the unloading facility next to the narrow pier.
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Browema's crane vessel Thijs jr. was allowed to assist with the work on the Hartelbrug, in the heart of the Rotterdam harbour.
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The equipment for the pruning work was lifted on board the landing craft in the winter and taken to the Sassenplaat.
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Bridge Zwolle

For the concrete repair of the bridge in Zwolle, the spud poles of the landing craft provided the necessary stability.
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Broekman Rotterdam

The jack-up platform was the ideal equipment for drilling the piles for the realisation of the new Broekman Roll-On / Roll-Off scaffolding.
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ADM Europoort

The aerial platform was securely positioned on the jack-up platform so that the asbestos-containing sheets of the conveyor belts on the pier could be safely replaced.

Additional opportunities for long-term projects

Long-term projects require an adapted approach. Browema has extensive experience with the deployment of equipment for a longer period. We understand that there are additional requirements for organising the project and giving it the desired look. We like to think along with our clients in order to ensure long-term projects run smoothly.

What we offer:

Modification of existing equipment

If necessary, we are able to make adjustments to the sailing and supporting equipment. For example, the installation of auxiliary structures or the shortening of jack-up piles.

Custom development and construction

Browema continuously invests in new equipment. For long-term projects, we like to discuss with the project organisation whether it is profitable to build equipment that is ideally suited to a particular project.

Vessels in the corporate colours

In order to give the overall appearance of a large-scale project an unambiguous look, Browema offers the possibility to provide the equipment with your company logo.

Hiring of vessels without personnel

In principle, Browema vessels are always hired out with personnel. If the equipment is positioned in the same place most of the time, it is possible to rent it without personnel.