Fast Rescue Boat Marjo

No beach too far

Safety always comes first. If Browema's jack-up platform is positioned offshore, this will entail extra risks for the people working on and around the platform. Our Fast Rescue Boat Marjo can be used in case of a man overboard situation.

If the job requires it, the Fast Rescue Boat can also be used to transfer people and materials. Because of the boat's special construction, even the beach is accessible.

The advantages of our Fast Rescue Boat

Vessel is on site in case of man overboard

Easily transfer people and materials

Technical specifications

Length: 6.80 m

Width: 2.45 m

Draught: 0.35 m

Capacity: 6 - 10 persons

Top speed: 33 knots (with 3 persons)

Propulsion: Steyr 156 kw with Alamarin 230 waterjet

Certification: NO MED 12840/A1.EC