Landing craft Sam

A true all-rounder

Our landing vessel can justifiably be called a multifunctional working vessel. The vessel, named Sam, is equipped with a deck crane, loading ramp and spud poles. This combination allows the landing vessel to be used in a multifunctional way for projects.

Poorly accessible places can be reached with the Sam. Equipment such as cherry pickers and tractors are driven on and off the ship by means of the tailgate. The hydraulic struts ensure that the movements are removed from the ship.

In this way, stability is created so that work can be carried out from the deck, for example with cherry pickers. The crane on deck can also be used for work activities. The 88 ton/m crane with jib can lift 1300 kg over a length of 27 metres.

Thanks to the powerful CCR2 engines, the landing craft can also serve as a pusher craft. An extra advantage of Browema's landing craft is that - according to regulations - it can be sailed by one person.

Technical specifications

Length: 27.30 m

Width: 7.37 m / 9.90 m

Height: 6 m

Draught: 1.70 m

Engines: 2 x 294 kw

Payload: 80 tonnes

Max. water depth spud poles: 9 m

Generator: 30 kVA

Crane with jib: 88 t/m

Accommodation: max. 8 persons

The landing craft is the ideal equipment for this work:

Painting work on bridges and other structures

Repair and maintenance work on bridges

Bringing project parts into position with the deck crane

Working at height, stable ground for aerial work platforms

Making poorly accessible places accessible, transferring equipment

Can function as a pusher

Deployed in the following projects:

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ADM Europoort

The aerial platform was securely positioned on the jack-up platform so that the asbestos-containing sheets of the conveyor belts on the pier could be safely replaced.
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Bridge Zwolle

For the concrete repair of the bridge in Zwolle, the spud poles of the landing craft provided the necessary stability.
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The equipment for the pruning work was lifted on board the landing craft in the winter and taken to the Sassenplaat.