Always the right equipment for the job

Support equipment to arrange everything down to the last detail

Construction and maintenance projects often involve a lot of work. Not only does it involve the work to be carried out, but staff must also be able to reach the location concerned, other road and waterway users must be taken into account, and all of this in a safe manner. Browema can also provide support in these areas.

For example, workboat 'Speedy' is ideal for smaller jobs. People and goods can be transferred with our Fast Rescue Boat. In addition, our wide range of marine signs can be useful for any job.

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Workboat Speedy

The workboat has a low superstructure, is compact and manoeuvrable. It can be used as an 'assistant' for large projects or as a stand-alone.

Multipurpose fleet

No job is the same and every location is unique. Reaching land projects by water requires a fleet with a wide variety of specifications. Browema has a multifunctional fleet with a landing vessel and crane ship. In this way, we can help virtually any company without floating equipment to reach the site of repair and painting works, for example. Each asset has specific features, such as powerful engines and shallow draft, and is manned by qualified, VCA-certified personnel.