A good start is half the battle

Our Manitou 2150 telehandler is ideal for lifting and moving heavy loads. At Browema, we use the telescopic handler at our yard in Moerdijk for project support activities, including sharing the 'legs' of the jack-up platform.

The Manitou 2150 has a relatively large reach. In addition, it is richly equipped with various components such as a work bucket, forks and jibs which can be attached to the telescopic arm in accordance with the activity to be carried out. The mechanical steering hardly reacts to the ship's movements when the telescopic handler is on deck of one of our ships, which also makes it less sensitive to failures.

The advantages of our telescopic handler

Broadly deployable in project preparation

Preparation of jack-up platform under own management

Can be used as an aerial platform

Technical specifications

Type: Manitou 2150

Lifting height: 20.60 m

Maximum range: 18.10 m

Lifting capacity: 5 t/m