Perfectly combinable with other equipment

In order to make all construction and maintenance projects on and around the water accessible, it is often necessary to go to height. The use of the Nifty-Lift boom lift, in combination with Browema's fleet, makes virtually all projects accessible.

The platform of the Nifty-Lift can accommodate two people. The work platform is always very stable on deck of the landing vessel Sam, because of the spud poles with which this work vessel is equipped. Because of the spacious working deck on board the crane vessel Thijs jr., there is also sufficient space there to position and safely use the Nifty-Lift. In addition, the mechanical steering of the Nifty-Lift hardly reacts to the ship's movements when it is on board our working vessels, which also makes it less prone to failure.

Technical specifications

Drive: 4WD

Working height: 20.80 m

Operating range: 12.50 m

Turning circle: 360 degrees

Engine: 32 hp diesel

Platform capacity: 225 kg

Platform dimensions: 1.80 x 0.85 m

The aerial work platform is the ideal equipment for these tasks.

Assistance in large and small-scale projects

Inspection of industrial objects
Painting work