Crane ship Thijs jr.

Height in or just above the water surface

Not only the crane, but also the flush deck of the Browema crane vessel makes the vessel suitable for a wide range of projects. No matter how high or low you have to work, from the crane ship Thijs jr. it is possible.

The flush deck offers sufficient space for construction racks or, if the work is higher up, for an aerial work platform. The deck crane is often used to position project materials in places that are difficult to reach. An extra advantage of Browema's crane ship is that it can be sailed - according to regulations - with one person.

The crane ship is the ideal equipment for these operations:

Positioning equipment in poorly accessible areas with a deck crane

Repair and maintenance work on quaysides and bridges

Working at height, ideal ground for scaffolding and aerial platforms

Painting work on quays, bridges and other structures

Technical specifications

Length: 24.64 m

Width: 6.15 m

Draught: 1.09 m

Height: 3.51 m

Payload: 33.65 tonnes

Crane: Atlas 190.1 A5 with winch

Crane lifting capacity: 19 t/m

CCR2 Main engine: 230 kW

Generator: 25 kVA

Accommodation: max. 4 persons

Deployed in the following projects:

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Browema's crane vessel Thijs jr. was allowed to assist with the work on the Hartelbrug, in the heart of the Rotterdam harbour.
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HCM Cement

The crane barge provided additional space and room for the aerial platform to carry out maintenance on the unloading facility next to the narrow pier.