Always the ideal vessel for the job

Maritime expert with own equipment

Browema has a multifunctional fleet of vessels and equipment. From jack-up platform to demountable raft. From crane ship to workboat. From landing craft to telescopic handlers. We have everything needed to make construction and maintenance projects a success. As a maritime service provider, we help companies without floating equipment to reach the site for repair and painting work, for example. Browema makes land projects accessible via the water.

The vessels have specific features, including lifting cranes, powerful engines for propulsion, shallow drafts and small working spaces that allow for optimum utilisation of the working area. This makes them suitable for a wide range of coastal and inland waterways and thus well-suited to the work.

Maintenance under own management

Our fleet is always in good condition. We carry out our own maintenance at our yard in Moerdijk. Before the vessels and equipment are deployed, they are fully inspected.

In addition, there are always tools, welding equipment and power generators available to remedy any malfunctions immediately. This prevents delays in the execution of projects.

Qualified personnel

All vessels are manned by qualified, VCA-certified and versatile personnel. Good cooperation is the greatest precondition for success. Our people are therefore flexible, team players and always keep the goal in mind; to complete the project successfully and on time.

With a view to sustainability

A better environment also starts at Browema. Our work vessels - the crane vessel 'Thijs jr.' and the landing vessel 'Sam' - are therefore equipped with new engines, which meet the CCR2 standard. In addition, on all vessels, as on the yard, as much solar energy as possible is used by using solar panels. In this way, CO2 emissions are reduced as much as possible.

Support equipment

In addition to its multifunctional vessels, including the jack-up platform, landing craft and crane vessel, Browema has everything it needs to take care of all aspects of a project. Supporting equipment is used to achieve this. Workboat 'Speedy', for instance, is very suitable for smaller jobs.

Even on a limited surface, a stable work floor can be realised with the demountable raft. Moving people and goods across is no problem with our Fast Rescue Boat. And the shipping signs provide clear communication to waterway users, creating a safe situation.