Dismountable raft

If space is limited

Each project requires an individual approach. Browema also gives full attention to small-scale work. In case of limited space, the dismountable raft can offer a solution. The raft is constructed from cubes of 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 metres, each block having a load capacity of 90 kg.

Because the cubes can be easily assembled, any size and shape can be realised. The demountable raft is often used for painting or maintenance work on poles. The raft is positioned around the pole, often with the help of our workboat.

The advantages of the dismountable raft

Any shape and size possible

Ideal if space is limited

Technical specifications

Length: 0.5 m

Width: 0.5 m

Height: 0.5 m

Weight: 7 kg

Load capacity: 90 kg

Deployed in the following projects: