Browema's jack-up rig turned out to be the ideal equipment to drill the piles for the realisation of the new Roll-On / Roll-Off scaffolding for the Broekman terminal in the port of Rotterdam.

Despite the fact that the harbour has a relatively low tidal range, it is necessary for the drilling of piles (especially if it has to be done at an angle) not to be bothered by wave action or other disturbing factors.

Browema's jack-up platform proved to be able to make the difference here. Firstly, because the jack-up platform can take up a fixed position. In addition, the piles could be drilled at an angle because of the inclined ends of the jack-up platform, with the piles 'disappearing' under the platform.

The short span between the jack-up platform and the embankment also proved - on the basis of accurate calculations by engineers - to be strong enough to drive the piles into the slope from the span.

Equipment used: Lever Island

Client: Fundex

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