5 advantages of using a crane vessel in projects

Every project requires a different approach. The deployment of equipment is often one of those project components where several options are possible. Although no one way is right or wrong, certain choices can make projects more expensive than they need to be.

Examples include working at heights, bringing project materials to the site, or painting and repairing bridges and structures. For such work, the choice is often made to use a crane on a pontoon, which is brought into position by a tugboat. While the same result can be achieved with the use of a crane ship.

A crane ship offers the following advantages:

1. Preventing overcapacity

The combination of a crane on a pontoon and a tugboat means that in most cases too much equipment is deployed. In addition, all components must first be collected before they can be deployed together at the work site. This entails additional transport costs.

2. Self-sufficient

When a pontoon is positioned, the tugboat actually has no function anymore. In addition, the whole combination takes up a lot of space on the waterway. Therefore, it is not inconceivable that the tugboat leaves the project site until the pontoon has to be retrieved. When working on bridges and other structures, however, it is often necessary to move a little bit again and again. This is no problem for a crane barge. Just start the engines and move, even if it is only for half a metre.

3. Using the entire space

Because a crane ship naturally has a fixed deck crane, it does not take up any extra space compared to a separate crane on a pontoon. As a result, the entire deck of the crane vessel is at the project's disposal. Everything that is needed to make the project a success can be taken on board the crane ship. For example, pallet loads, generators, compressors and scaffolding material.

4. Small crew

In nine out of ten cases, a crane vessel can be sailed by one person, unless the nature of the project makes this undesirable. In addition to cost benefits, this also means that there is sufficient space in the wheelhouse for customer representatives. They can be safely seated and have a front row seat to the work.

5. Multifunctional

By choosing a multi-purpose workboat the work scope is widened even further. Then it is not only a crane ship, but it also offers the possibility, for example, to create a stable foundation by using spud poles. Or the project materials or equipment can be driven on board via the loading ramp.

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