Browema bids farewell to jack-up platform and shifts focus

Jun 27, 2022

Browema International B.V. has said goodbye to the jack-up platform. The sale results from the new course of the current management. "Our focus is on projects that we can support with our multifunctional workboats. With our extensive experience, knowledge and expertise, we can really make a difference," explains director Stijn Broekmeulen.

The jack-up platform was built in 2006 on the instructions of Thijs Broekmeulen, who was then managing director. The specifications of the jack-up barge were fully applicable to the large-scale maintenance of the Haringvliet Dam, for which the jack-up barge was built. After this multi-year project, the jack-up platform was used for various projects in the Netherlands, England and Scotland. "The different dimensions and the special design of the jack-up platform meant that we were often approached when people were looking for the 'odd man out', but these projects usually had an international focus. However, that is not where our focus lies and it is not easy to keep many different pieces of equipment operational. That is why we decided to focus purely on the multi-purpose workboats. This step offers opportunities for new projects and additional assets," says Stijn Broekmeulen.

Shipyard in Moerdijk

For now, the company is focusing on more inland navigation-related projects. Here, Browema can provide added value to assignments where locations must be accessible by water. In addition, the management also wants to make wider use of the shipyard in Moerdijk. "We have our own quays and warehouses. We do not do enough with them now, while the site has all the potential.

The jack-up platform has been sold to the German company Eggers Gruppe and is now part of their fleet. The former Browema jack-up platform is also an addition to the jack-up platform that Eggers Gruppe already has. The transfer has already taken place in Fehrmarn, Germany, where Browema has trained the Eggers Gruppe employees during their first project with the jack-up platform.