Lever Island

The stable workplace on the water

Working at height is not without risk. Browema's jack-up platform can be used to create a solid work floor on virtually any body of water, thus eliminating risks as far as possible. The jack-up platform is very stable, seaworthy and unaffected by waves, tides and wind.

With a heavy lifting capacity of 250 tonnes, it can be used in the transport, assembly and construction sectors as well as in soil drilling.

In the design of the jack-up platform, a conscious decision was made to fit it with points as well as 'elephant feet'. This allows the jack-up platform to be perfectly aligned with the subsoil, which ensures optimum stability and makes it very suitable as a platform for working with cherry pickers.

The sloping ends and the shallow draught of 0.80 m of our jack-up platform allow it to come as close as possible to the shore or an object, so that a shorter span can be used. In addition, the jack-up platform is a 'monohull', which means that all hydraulics are located below deck. There is also storage space for project materials. In this way the entire deck of the jack-up platform remains available for the project. The jack-up platform can be brought into position using Browema's vessels or third-party tugboats.

Technical specifications

Class: GL 100A5 K20

Length: 33 m

Width: 16 m

Payload lifting: 250 tonnes

Draught: 0.8 m

Maximum leg length: 32 m

Generator: 165 kVA

Moonpool: 508 mm

Cover load: 4 tonnes/m2

Deck crane: 28 t/m (using deck construction)

Gasoil tank: 6,000 litre(below decks)

Drinking water tank: 4,000 litres (below deck)

The jack-up platform is the ideal equipment for this work:

Sheet piling/drilling anchors (possibly at an angle) on tides

Repair and maintenance work on bridges

Working at height, ideal ground for aerial work platforms

Painting work on bridges and other structures

Deployed in the following projects:

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ADM Europoort

The aerial platform was securely positioned on the jack-up platform so that the asbestos-containing sheets of the conveyor belts on the pier could be safely replaced.
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Broekman Rotterdam

The jack-up platform was the ideal equipment for drilling the piles for the realisation of the new Broekman Roll-On / Roll-Off scaffolding.