Vapour return pipes Vopak

Combining equipment is no problem. During the installation of pipes, both the jack-up platform and the landing craft Sam were used.

ADM Europoort

The aerial platform was securely positioned on the jack-up platform so that the asbestos-containing sheets of the conveyor belts on the pier could be safely replaced.

Bridge Kampen

For the painting work on the bridge in Kampen, all possibilities of Browema's landing craft Sam were used.

Bridge Zwolle

For the concrete repair of the bridge in Zwolle, the spud poles of the landing craft provided the necessary stability.

Roompotsluis footbridges

On the inside and outside (on the sea side) of the lock, the old footbridges were replaced with the help of the landing craft.


The equipment for the pruning work was lifted on board the landing craft in the winter and taken to the Sassenplaat.